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Hey folks.  I’m going to give WordPress a go because Blogger took hours to upload images, and often just would’t do it at all, so…as you may know if you ever looked at my Blogger blog…I just gave up on it.  But, Grandma Dorothy asked me to blog again, so here we go!

This is a post that I had started to prepare long ago but never uploaded (for said reasons).  These are stills from the movie, “The Secret of Roan Inish,” which is a visual ice cream sundae of beautiful.  The story is about a little Irish girl (love it already) who began life on a series of small islands.  The islands were abandoned when the commercial fishing in the city threatened the livelihood of the people, and everyone moved inland to find paid work.  (I know you can since I’m writing and publishing this, but don’t quote me, it’s been well over a year since I’ve seen this movie…could be a bit different from how I’m remembering.)  Little Irish Girl is suffering from the city life and so moves back to live with her grandparents on the mainland close to their old island home.  The real point of this story, though, is the selkies (love it even more!) that surround the island.  Long ago, one of the fishermen caught and married one of the selkies, and so there is a strain of selkie blood that runs through this small population of Irish fishermen(/fishergirls).  Little Irish Girl’s baby brother was one of these, and disappeared into the ocean when the villagers abandoned the islands.  Little Irish Girl is determined that if she can convince her family to move back to the islands, the selkies will give her baby brother back to them.

I love this movie for these reasons:

  • I want to live in the grandparents’ cottage.
  • I want to own all the Little Irish Girl’s clothes.
  • I want to only drink water from seashells.
  • Ireland
  • Selkies
  • Newsboy hats
  • Seashells and the ocean
  • Wildflowers
  • Stubborn little blonde girls who don’t really listen to authority and do what they want…
  • Did I mention yet that I want to own ALL her clothes? Fashion Icon.

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